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Taking your pets abroad

Lots of you like to holiday abroad or visit family and don't wont to leave you furry companions behind. To be able to travel abroad with your pets there are several things that need to be done prior to leaving the country.

With the UK leaving the EU on 1st January 2021 the way the current Pet Travel Scheme works has changed.

The UK will have a "Part 2" listed status for pets traveling abroad.

This will mean all previous UK issued Pet Passports issued are now invalid from 1st January 2021 and you will not be able to use them take you pets out of the UK. (see photo below of example UK Pet Passport)


Pets that hold a EU Issued Pet Passport will be able to continue to travel to and from the UK without change.

For pets travelling from the UK after the 1st January 2021 will need to do the following:

  • Have a microchip implanted (if not already done) and make sure all registered details are correct and up to date.

  • Have a Rabies vaccination given a minimum of 21 days prior to travel.

  • Have a Animal Health Certificate (AHC) issued by a Qualified Veterinary Surgeon.

A Animal Health Certificate (AHC) can only be issued once the pet has had a full physical examination by the Veterinary Surgeon, the pets microchip has been either implanted or scanned and confirmed working and a Rabies vaccination has been given.

  • AHCs are only VALID for 10 DAYS after the date of issue for entry into the EU. (i.e. we can not issue a AHC more than 10 days prior to travel.)

  • They are not reusable. They allow only one entry into the EU at a time. A new AHC will be needed for future trips.

  • They are valid for 4 months of onward travel within the EU from date of issue.

  • They are valid for re-entry into the UK for 4 months from date of issue.

These AHC are issued as bilingual documents; you will only be able to enter the EU if you hold the correct document for the country you first arrive in. Thus pet owners cannot change their country entry point into the EU once the AHC is completed, otherwise a new AHC would need to be issued.

Animals younger than 12 weeks of age are no longer permitted to be exported. 

Please note that there is a considerable amount of time needed to complete the Animal Health Certificates correctly and only Qualified Veterinary Surgeons are able to do this. Therefore AHCs may not be completed at the time of the health check appointment and you may be asked to collect at a later time.

The above information is subject to change so for the most up to date information on the requirements needed to travel with your pet please follow the below link to the website. 

Pet Travel to the EU after 1st January 2021

Please call 01375 373202 to discuss further.

UK Issued Pet Passport
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