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Making the decision of euthanasia for your pet is a difficult one but our staff at Riverside Vets are here to help and support your through the process.

During the euthanasia a small patch fur will clipped from your pet's leg and an intravenous catheter placed this will then be used to give the injection. It is a quick painless procedure and once the injection is given your pet will gently drift off to sleep.

Once the decision has been made and the euthanasia performed you have several options to choose from:

  • You can take your pets body home to bury in your garden.

  • You can have your pet cremated and their ashes scattered in the communal gardens at the pet crematorium. 

  • You can have your pet cremated individually and the ashes returned to you.

Riverside Veterinary Surgery use's Resting Pets Crematorium which is based in Moreton, near Ongar, Essex. They are a family run crematorium with a dedicated and sympathetic team to help make this difficult time and process as smooth as possible.


The crematorium can be visited by contacting them directly -  01277 890009.

You can visit Resting Pets website by clicking HERE.

If you decide to have an individual cremation a member of staff will be able to discuss the procedure with you and give you all the information required.

If you need more information then please call the surgery on 01375 373202 to speak to a member of staff.

Riverside Veterinary Surgery - Independant Veterinary Practice in Grays, Essex
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