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The CP Neutering scheme is a initiative by Cats Protection working nationwide to tackle the problem of too many cats.

There are thousands of unwanted, neglected and stray cats in the UK, yet their plight could have been easily been prevented by neutering.


We offer heavily discounted neutering for cats whose owners receive certain state benefits, are on a low income or are students. The scheme also includes neutering of stray cats being temporarily fed.

It also includes a microchip for your cat with registration to the national database.

Please visit this link for further information or contact the practice to arrange an appointment - 01375 373202


25% off Long Term Medication

If you pet has to go onto a long term medication, for example to treat a Heart Condition, Kidney Disease or Joint Problems, then we will give a 25% discount off the cost of the medication.

(The discount will be automatically applied to all repeat prescriptions of the medication after an initial 3 month period of treatment.)


Only £15.00 including registration.

Since April 2016 it has been law for all dogs in the UK to have a microchip implanted and all contact details to be up to date.

If you have your pet microchipped and need to check and update your details the two main databases are:




Adolescent Check

Free of charge nurse appointment.

For puppies, kittens and rabbits when they are 5-6 months of age. 

The Veterinary Nurse will give them a check over and give healthcare advice, discuss how your pet is settling in and answer any questions you may have. 

Call us on 01375 373202 to make an appointment.

Riverside Veterinary Surgery - Independant Veterinary Practice in Grays, Essex
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