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Routine Appointments during Covid-19 Epidemic

We are now starting to offer more routine vaccinations and neutering. Please read the following guidelines.

•    However, the safety of our staff, our clients and the community as a whole must come first. Government guidelines will be respected and followed. We are still restricting access to the surgery to reduce face to face contact and you may be asked to wait outside the practice.

•    To book an appointment please only call after 12pm to help keep our phone lines free for emergency calls.  

•    Saturday non-urgent appointments will be for key workers only. We will be as flexible as we can for key worker appointments.

•    We have prioritised the appointments based on risk to the patient and will book as outlined below:

1st Priority

  • ​ 2nd Vaccinations for Cats, Dogs & Rabbits. These will mostly require a single visit to the practice and will benefit highly from the vaccination. The appointment will be for a health check, weighing and vaccination only.


  •  Cat Neutering. To prevent a boom in stray/unwanted cats and the spread of viruses spread by mating cats, neutering is a priority. We will only offer 1st kitten vaccination alongside neutering to reduce the number of visits to the practice. We can neuter from 12 weeks of age.

  •  Rabbit Neutering. This is to help prevent conflict between rabbits and also to prevent unwanted litters. A rabbit who is unable to have company is a welfare issue.


2nd Priority

  •  1st Vaccination Puppies. We will be vaccinating puppies from 10 weeks of age. The appointment will include a health check, weight check and 1st vaccination. 

  • 1st Vaccination Kittens. We will only be offering kitten vaccinations with neutering from 12 weeks of age.

  • 1st Year Booster. Dogs and cats a year old that need their first yearly booster. This is an important vaccination to help boost their immunity.

  • Rabbit Vaccinations. Myxomatosis and RHD are both deadly to rabbits and mostly untreatable. Annual vaccinations are advised to help protect against these diseases.

•    Dog & Cat Yearly Booster Vaccinations: We are now booking yearly boosters vaccination, but there may be a week to two week wait for appointments as we are prioritising more urgent appointments. Evidence from the vaccine company has shown there is some continued immunity for up to 3 months past the due date.
•    Dog Neutering: We are now booking in all dog neutering but like the booster vaccinations there may a longer wait for appointments as we priorities more urgent surgery.
•    As always if you have an emergency or your pet requires urgent medical treatment please call the surgery first on 01375 373202 and we will advise you when to come to the practice.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding during this unique time.
The Riverside Veterinary Surgery Team

Riverside Veterinary Surgery - Independant Veterinary Practice in Grays, Essex
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